The Director's Bio

Randy often is asked how he got into still and motion photography. The answer covers a long road. From a very early age it was evident, Randy was one of those kids that had the creative side of the brain working full force. He was always painting, drawing, sketching, and even doing the music thing. At the age of 15, Randy got his first still camera, a Pentax 35mm, and from that point his pursuit of art became solely focused on the medium of photography.

As a teen, Randy did not know how it would manifest itself as a career or other, but he knew his passion for art, creating, and speaking through still and now motion images were implanted by God. After graduating from high school, a degree in fine arts began at Missouri State University, but Randy switched mid-stream and completed degrees in psychology and management. Bacon states, "At the time, I was so disappointed in myself that I did not get my degree in art and photography, but now looking back I know it was the path I was supposed to take.  Seeing the way I now combine my psychology, artistic abilities management principles, and love of people, it has truly defined my artistic style. It has helped me create a powerful, unique style of photography and cinema."

Randy has been shooting professionally since 1985 and is in very high demand as a art portrait, editorial and commercial still photographer.   His clients reside throughout Missouri, nationally and internationally.  His adept still photography skills and artistry has gained him a multitude of awards to include:

                American Photographer Magazine:  Images of the Year - Best Portrait Selection

                417 Magazine: Photographer of the Year AND Artist of the Year (three time winner)

                Gannett News-Leader: Photographer of the Year (seven time winner)

                Business Journal Magazine:  Selected as one of the "Twelve People You Need To Know in 2011"

                Addy Awards:  Best Photography in Print Advertising Campaign (multiple winner)

In 2008, he expanded his creative still talents into the motion picture arena.  Instantly, securing a number of commercial video projects that continues to grow, he honed his motion abilities as to apply to his passion of filmmaking.  Bacon's movie film career exploded in 2010 with the release of his directorial debut and film production, The Last Days of Extraordinary Lives.    Produced by a long list of prominent supporters, the 90-minute documentary feature celebrates the meaning of life.  The movie has garnered a significant amount of film coverage and awards.  Included is the red carpet premiere at the Gillioz Theatre, playing to an audience of over 800 people.  In addition, the film has played on PBS to rave reviews and continues to appear at multiple universities and organizations.   The Last Days of Extraordinary Lives ran the film festival circuit and accumulated an impressive 15 film festival official selections and won over 10 awards, including Best Feature Documentary and Best Director. The film is now in the process of gaining national distribution.  Bacon is now in full production of his second feature documentary, Man UP and Go, which is slated for a summer 2012 release.

Bacon's career also has ventured into being a highly sought after public speaker at universities, schools, churches, businesses and more.   In addition, Randy and his wife/business partner, Shannon, own and manage one of the Missouri's premiere art destinations, the Monarch Art Factory.  The Monarch is a 16,000 square foot art center that is home to a multitude of creative endeavors including Bacon's 8,000 square foot studio and art galleries, as well as to their film production company, Bacon / Murphy Films.

Randy reflects, "Looking back at that 15 year old that fell in love with photography and where I'm at now, I can say...I am more excited about my still and motion photography work than I ever have been.  I am blown away by the passion for this art form that God continues to grow within me. I know the best is yet to come."